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American Dream LTD.

American Dream e агенция, специализирана в организирането на студентски и младежки програми.
Основана е през месец Септември 2003 г. и от тогава до сега си партнира с някои от най-големите американски агенции за културен обмен. Наши партньори са:  AWE (American Work Experience); UWT (United Work and Travel); 

American Dream is an agency specialized in organizing of student and youth programs, accredited by the US Embassy in Bulgaria:

Founded in September 2003 in Varna, Bulgaria, and since then is partnering with some of the biggest American agencies for cultural exchange. Our partners today are: AWE (American Work Experience); UWT (United Work and Travel); SPIRIT USA; Aliiance Abroad

American Dream is also a longtime partner of U.S. employers with proven success working with J1-students. We work daily to maintain our good partnership in the recruitment of seasonal staff.

We rely on personal attitude and good communication, also with our clients. We provide full assistance to the students in the preparation of the entire set of documents at each stage of the program, and with all the information they need during their stay the United States.

Our team is young and motivated, familiar with the program firsthand – all of us were participants of the Work&Travel USA Program. That’s why we respect every student’s individual needs and wishes – we strive to provide smooth and memorable summer of our clients.

Applicants should understand that the program's stipend or wages might not cover all of the program expenses, and applicants should bring additional personal funds to cover living expenses.
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