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Ropewalk Ocean City, OC, Maryland

Местоположение: Ocean city, MD
Company and Location
· Company-A family friendly, seafood restaurant located on the bay in Ocean City, MD.
· Community-Population of a summer weekend: Approximately 500,000+
· Location-Located in Ocean City on the East Coast of Maryland, approximately 235.5 miles (~379 km) S of New
York City & approximately 141 miles (~227 km) N of Virginia Beach, VA
· Weather-Hot during the day, warm during the evening with an ocean breeze. Temperatures range between 75 and
100 degrees Fahrenheit (23-38 degrees Celsius)

Job Positions:
· Cook-Cook food in a high volume restaurant. Cleaning too. $10.00/hr
· Hostess-Greet and seat customers . Answer any questions. $9.50/hr- only females
· Merchandise Clerk-Promote and complete sales of general logo merchandise. $9.50/hr- only females

· Hours-32+ hours per week
· Start Dates-May 8th-June 15th
· End Dates-September 8th-30th
Must work FULL program dates as described on final Job Offer and DS 2019 Form!
Employment Conditions:
· Advanced English skills for interacting with customers.
· Must be able to stand for long periods of time and work in a fast paced environment. Able to lift up to 40 pounds.
· Neat in appearance, and a pleasant personality.
· Must wear employee uniform, khaki/tan pants with white sneakers.

Housing and Transportation:
· Overview of Housing: Located in Ocean City, MD or in West Ocean City, MD. You will be placed in
sponsor approved housing upon your arrival.
· Housing Fees-A Seasonal fee between $1,600.00 and $1,800.00 will be due for the entire season. Your
Seasonal fee must be paid in full in order to receive your housing deposit refund.
· Advance Deposit/Rent Due: $500.00 is due two weeks prior to your USA Arrival. This should be paid to
your home country recruiter. The breakdown is as follows:

 Transportation-Public transportation, bicycle (with a helmet), or walking are options

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